er against the wall to rest up. Listen Wang Zhilin asked Ferdinand Verbiest thought for a moment replied: court ordered us to the military research artillery weapons. Do not be surprised, I know this is inconsistent with God's will, but it can help us win the favor of the ruler of the temporary or 'Lee' missionary work around, but my children in some places you do not make go. such as the church behind the soldiers guarded the place. Remind Wang Zhilin the face of Ferdinand Verbiest in good faith with a smile replied: Tianjin Fei Erna priest but has been appreciation of the letter you are a devout Christian who heard that you have done missionary in Nagasaki. where missionary work is very difficult.
Fixed or back to the Tianjin missionary work. However, Feier Na priest suggested that I come here more help on busy. difficult crawl up the stairs. wooden stairs from time to time to issue a harsh thousands of people in Europe to qualify as a small country like Ferdinand Verbiest, Schall missionary efforts. rely on the credit of the Wang Zhilin such local pastor,the noth face, so Verbiest satisfaction of this new brought to the priest to the church attic. he took the key to open a small room and said: place on the small side you do not mind. Although the attic is small but fairly clean. What dust appears to be pre-cleaned the tables and chairs on the decline. Wang Zhilin to put their luggage in the wooden bed Tao: Thank you,nike air max 93, your cleaning.
luggage inside something very simple and a Bible, a few pieces of a change of clothes, a 

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