To half a month's time, the tend to have changed.
Beatrice Lord to them headache, but the balance Brother entire plan known Béatrice Lord zhigenzhidi, changes of these imperial undoubtedly brought him great joy, especially that looks exactly like his father is the imperial the most cowardly one guy did not take drugs before, but one day this old guy broke into his official residence, and indecent assault of his mother, and even clamored to use domestic discipline disposal of those who came forward to block his thugs ! but it's all so excited Béatrice Lord death! his real father, who kindly old man, who was imprisoned for 23 years in the Mafia family true big brother, he will get free !
A Manniu Béatrice Lord of Ao Sinie Unruh. Murray of Seth loyalty presumably is starting from this time, many years ago, her father in prison to his secret letter, the elderly The initial view of the whole thing has been taken against the boy,oakley o rokr, Junior said, if not five million people that is 16 divisions, no any armed rescue Duomoerjia prison might, the only viable solution is to outsmart.
Junior from the very young to start thinking about the possibility of the jailbreak. Course, he did not know that they have granted amnesty day, his father told him earlier that he will be free, then the juvenile growth path may undergo major changes But this, after all, did not happen in of Ao Sinie Unruh. Murray Seth eyes, the imprisonment of his career within the foreseeable future, he can only rely on their own strength to escape.
Teenager just obtain the support of the majority of the underworld forces, the first thing he did is to start the implementation of his plan. Although teenagers do not think about the specific details, his foresight gained his first Titan the underworld Several giant respect he commanded them across the continent to find people to meet their own requirements, specifically what kind of person do? height, body, looks to be extremely consistent with his partner to rescue those people who consistently walk in the dark world immediately realized the great promise of this command, they take advantage of the numerous relations, mobilize all forces that can be mobilized, after several years finally mentioned the juvenile those Initial and final part of the Great Escape Plan, and it was perfect! The seats their new identity. the Emperor Majesty's amnesty the launch plans best cause, only Duomoerjia prison amnesty highest prosecutor to become imperial Similarly, the delegation can justifiably Imperial Department of Justice the license can legally adults from various departments of the Empire

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