the way to the war by war to reach Beijing, Hao generals rest assured that time Northern Expedition must ultimately general's sake. Liu Fangliang are fiercely staring at himself. discovered just how the outspoken then quickly stick shut up.
However, nfl,mens north face jackets on sale, Zhang Jiayu and Qin Liangyu not mind Hao flag-waver that the words of some outrageous Zhang Jiayu and Qin Liangyu at this time is to concentrate on this map for the court not to Northern Expedition,air max goadome boots, the two are very understanding of different Qin Liangyu is think After decades of war and natural disasters, people do need a period of rest to enable them to come out from the shadow of Binghuo. after all, to solve the food problem is the top priority, while Zhang Jiayu is the station
Look at it in the perspective of a commander in chief of Volunteer equipment with the traditional cold-steel weapons forces firearms forces powerful logistical dependence is much higher than the forces of cold weapons, not to mention the court do not want the war by war hit Beijing. even if the court have the intention I am afraid it is very difficult. forage from the local collecting, but the fire yao lead bullets and other strategic materials to rely on the logistics. these things firearms has become a veritable Shaohuo. Moreover, the the afterloading gun performance is unstable. large-scale use, often fail. how to keep the firearms maintenance and production keep pace with war needs is placed can be said that two important issues before the court. Huai a war elimination best of G

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