Zhang Fei so fire Bao Bao temper, actually did not dare Kongming behind more a word, only the big eyes red six hand cast a glance to cast a glance around, do a few grimace, nothing more.
Six hand sneered: shake, the header immediately fainted, As said the chase the Cao Cao Well, it is unable to manage it, anyway, Zhang Liao have confidence, vertical can not discuss well, at least it will not get hold of the military destruction of what it called back: brother ...... Why? you go? Zhao barely in immediately Yi Yi, said simply: arguments, together Bie into the last part is not quite out, watched Zhao Yue go farther, with far no Kongming line after.
The last to leave, actually Lu Su this team, old Lu head tilt looked Kongming go away,basketball shoe review, stunned for a half-rates, suddenly Hui Touchong six hand recited the six hands bother Road: gone, you do not go? Lu Su suddenly replaced a smile and said: hand NIE him a vigilance Road: Lu Su innocent and said: Lu Su bulging eyes: friendship, be friends too! in the end want doing, you'd talk about, make another down, my buttocks were swollen. Over Zhou Tai finally stand down, strides Denden over cross eye Road: torn the Lu Su bridle along the tiger turned away, Lu Su screaming constantly, to drag on fly away six hands, raising his hand to Mohan shouted good insurance, then give this surnamed Lu wrapped down , fear eventually head to explode before they give up, look around, actually only one loner, he was funny, turned around and Pooh a suddenly made from worry to touches do not know the yonder.
Both do not know where to go, how the figure of six hand? Simply which did not go to see the next clump bush Ziya a music,north face mens jacket, waltz paced up and down in the past, regardless of anything happens on the ground, put poured himself is a lie. picked up at random a

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