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on those walking corpses guy, they are opium brainwashed? fact that I am a little surprised, but more of a terrorist, this whole thing is a planned, then please allow me to allegiance to him, Although I have the highest prosecutor Titan Empire, but in such a clever, cautious and powerful criminals in front of me like a three-year-old child, I would not want to meet with him in court, that is impossible, impossible, his great rescue plan soon successful,nike air max edge 10, with the support of so many bigwigs in prison, the entire West continent can let him run amok, the Titan Empire tiny Department of Justice would probably have been not in his eyes. him in the end who? Why Dhorme Baron, and Ao Sinie adults are so mysterious it? tell me! Do not you put me as a friend? Duke son and nephew of His Majesty the Emperor is just a little curious, mysterious figure of the wealthy and powerful who is his real Looking To Make It seems the mysterious Mr. must a respected chiefs, are more likely to be a foreigners, or by virtue of their Titan underworld forces, he would not know anything about such a gentleman.
Oscar anger of of Van Earl multi Marquis subsided, although he has yet to show due respect to myself, but this forced shall not, he does not belong to their own dark world, not to mention that they have determined to kill think of Oscar mood becomes wonderful, not silenced., this is not abnormal, he decided to kill a person will feel extremely comfortable every feeling only the real murderer has psychological. as a businessman to obtain a profit, like a farmers a good harvest.
world, not a criminal fraternizing with you, they would rather let them file a complaint. believe me completely forget the mysterious Mr. is your best choice. Smart Fan. Earl multi Earl immediately understand the meaning of the Oscar ah! Own after all, he was the highest Empire prosecutors, and his associates still they have to be brought to justice in the law offenders Van Earl multi already know him a little too carried away.
Ah! I will pay attention to my words and deeds, the gentleman that gentleman simply did not exist before, Duomoerjia this series of events, have not, at least I've forgotten all about. Oscar The Monsieur the Marquis sensitive

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