longer speak. 
Tokgo wide sea strange look Ai worry about a fly, can not think why he hurry to force myself to recognize Qin nine inappropriate, but feel a vague got into a trap, feel a feeling uncomfortable together. 
Su night lights faint sigh: 
?Selection of an outstanding talent, from a different surname generals temporary is capable of doing, and this person must Gaotang, the Nanjiang the two senior generals of the Military District. Well, ladies and there are suitable candidates? 
Oriental Xi Yu Legend outside the department, and has remained in the sphere of influence of the Central Military District, is always beyond the reach of the East China Sea in the thousands of miles away, it can only remain silent. 
Support of the Qin Shang Qiu,cheap custom nba jerseys, only love poetry and painting, lacking the slightest interest in the throne, he also tried to study how to make money, pink ribbon north face this involves sensitive issues of power delivery, he always evaded. 
Two careful to keep silent,nike air max 90 classic, indoors, leaving only the youngest the Murong worry not expressed a clear attitude, happens to her on behalf of the Murong family from generation to generation is responsible for the Imperial military production, her advice is also a vital factor, if Murong no worry about support, coupled with two abstentions, Su will be three to one position of absolute dominance, the Tokgo home you can restore the vulnerable and rival Qin generous,. 
A time Morohito has not cheap northface jackets yet put forward any one candidate, and the atmosphere is even more dignified, as if breathing is no

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