a moment, I froze there Shuangranruoshi a long while before stunned lost smiles: The dust settles, Beirut has Chong depressed look of chagrin to go over, upright ready to depart.
I had known he would admit nothing exciting: The Beirut Chong aghast at me, could not imagine I let him go so easily.
A Chanqi Beirut Chong, smiling Road: a trivial matter, no big deal. Dry Yan old thief, a dead Mo Qiong Yao woman can toss out the big waves? Say they are at best, but the remaining four master only want recent Organization Strike action is absolutely the skills needed, we pay close attention to do something serious! Beirut the Chong loss nodded, still not clear to me that the deep implication.
I secretly sigh: At this time, Kong Long, Tom Long of interest have gathered around him, and report the number of casualties.
Kong Dragon respectfully said: Fan struck a total of Mo Qiong Yao,oakley optics, Qinshan, Chu Shan, cut iron, dry Yan, Kanzaki Valley, Xiao Musashi seven master of which the latter three were all lord killed the first four have escaped. report is completed! Faint nod and said: Tom in the side, added: Kong Dragon quickly recorded, smiled and said: Beirut has Chong shouted: Kong Long continues to record very familiar: Breath of the Dragon last understatement: the remaining three days life. Zhefan outburst, Tom Chong Beirut reveal a startled expression Kong Dragon Lianrong Furui alone does not wave, just a deep look at the interest of the Dragon one.
He recorded side Xie said:
,nfl jersey 20?Breath of the dragon face no dye, see t

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