When summon their pet, the Mirage flower and winding vine Needless to say, that wind monkey actually give their own people to display their increased agility magic each other's speed has improved to varying degrees, victims and white clouds and quickly whisked the spirit of twelve, prepare cheap nfl jerseys for their raid. 
Blood first launched mad porcupine went up to take his Stinger transfiguration Enchanted Dragon world use the same, although soon as he grips obviously down to leeward, but he desperately Zhaozhao, relying on body advantages, specifically for the horse shot, sometimes not hesitate to fight a lose-lose, Dragon world need to bend down in order to cope with his attack, quite effortlessly, that Stinger porcupine constantly stay in the side facing horned white The rhino shot a branch Stinger itself does not bring much harm in the drug was too much trouble, in order to beat it in the case of maintenance horse safety, also requires patience to look for opportunities. 
Flower sky were Nuxiao wraps,lebron shoes 2011, encountered the same situation, but no increase in offensive and defensive attributes ability, but he can not be the same Nuxiao hard to defend, plus from time to time in underground drill to drill through the mountain beast elusive harassment dug up one after another Black encountered Star waning moon, the the Ferghana horse's speed obviously to be better than the skeleton horse a chip, Ying Peng not rivals, but blindly swim bucket with a small area of ​​the body quickly shift the black chop a large part of the collision hit down the empty, hit several times seems to spend her body texture and good armor solution a lot of damage, does not see her look like a hard-hit and spear in her hands is not all goods occasionally strike to the black armor can cause slight damage, more appalling is that she is not black and it hands every time facing the wholesale nfl jerseys skeleton horse attack, forcing the black one had distracted the defense to resist, would like to get rid of or kill her also need to go through a lot of hands and feet. 
The other strongest fearless warrior and romantic cherry actually rushed golden sunflowers, seems to be going strong stroke weak grab before come to the support of the Japanese spirit and the Ganges Ares first step to get rid of her. Fearless warrior already mad trap holes dug through the mountain beast some trouble, and the the romantic cherry fighting ability Leaving aside, horse White Ryoma release small The White Dragon mare, but certainly above month exquisite small Bailong, once the wind column wraps, not only the action will be forced to suspend sometimes even stature will be driven to the opponent an opportunity to exploit. golden sunflowers horse colored zebra itself is also known for its speed, but compared to the white Ma does not have much advantage, the strongest opponents restraint, unable to play, they were before and after the attack, the situation can be said to be the most critical. 
While the three shooters avoid to the side, and opened their distance with the Dragon world, and preparedness by sudden attacks, while Dodge the skeleton archer's attack, but a pass Lianzhu scattering, although it is no longer the kind of glowing green Guanghua arrows, powerful but not small in those Libi, the harassment that they are more than 50 skeletons shooter to quickly kill seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight and further demonstrated superb arrow technology wizard striker. 
Watching his teammates

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