ust like not dare to disturb Malone thought in general, but he knew that even if the sound tenfold Malone can definitely hear clearly, three diamond knight strength Shall light disgrace?
Malone never looking back, lightly: Abrupt postscript Korea slightly hesitated, and then not neglect immediately opened the envelope, take a bright yellow covered with a touch of sandalwood stationery, recited: unfortunate assassination of the seat on behalf of the empire up and down to extend my deepest condolences. bestowed Qin Teng Marshal for the three East China Sea, Wang, Qin and Han Marshal for two Town Wang, hereditary families of a Dred salary situation Fleet Commander post from ...... Read here, abrupt the Postscript Korea looking surprised a moment, hesitant and said: Malone looking a cold, Chen Sheng said: hinder the implementation of the severe punishment of offenders. watching the mountains and India,jersey on sale. Finally finished, the sudden Postscript Korea looked at Malone head cold sweat oozes, I wonder if the immediate supervisor how to deal with this thorny things.
Malone on the high expectations of the Acting Fleet length of posts, this is known as front-line soldiers, the court order of appointment of his self-confidence particularly hard hit,nike air jordan 4 retro, incidentally, around 30 gold knight expression that was not natural to them.
Surprisingly, the parties Malone nothing exciting to laugh it off, whispered: face definitely fantastic, but unfortunately I am not privileged to see, is really a life of regret. Sudden Postscript Kor

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