ke oakleys faint said: "Do you think this is enchantment!" see everyone cheeky doubt, fake oakleys swept the crowd an icy tone, said: "This surgery but I recently comprehend just you try it the power,fake oakleys! "Zhu Xian sword Stretch, while the body of a turn, draw a circle, then a glaring light blue round Guanghua rising, link the peripheral light blue mask, I saw fake oakleys footsteps gently throughout its already flew to the top of the light blue mask. "three thousand world!" feel this sound by Reiki comes out, but it rang through the entire light blue shade cover surrounded by location, to hear this voice the weird person suddenly felt a surge of fear of feeling coming from deep inside. around the world of Reiki quickly toward the pale blue circular light beam gathered, followed with different shapes monster since the spiritual power to shape the light blue light beam ran out. hundreds of shapes spiritual power monster station together to form a shock, so that in addition to the quirks and the monks Huangji reality outside furniture fear more than a retreat. "Ow!" Suddenly, a monster giant roar came from pale blue light beam, one foot and Shu Zhang crude giant feet from the pale blue light beam dew out slowly. giant Guanghua radiance that shock and engaging spiritual power coercion limp to the ground, and even has given way to the ancient Luo beast above the ground and land-dragon feet surrounded by spiritual power, eye gel frightened looking at this spiritual power of convergence giant feet, but this monster seems to be too huge, its exposed stature slow. looked constantly struggled want out since the blue light beam inexplicable monsters, weird person yelled: "fast attack that blue light beam ,fake oakley sunglasses, stop it! "for their own lives, do not have a monk dares everything he knows, furniture, resorted to the strongest attack in the past, toward that light blue light beam bombardment. these attacks were hundreds out first monster of spiritual power to block this nearly the attacks, in addition to the quirks and Wong very real attack causing a little hurt to be able to give those monsters outside, the rest of the attack is not the spiritual power monster swallowed is to hit scattered. and spiritual power monster wiped out these attacks, directly toward the crowd. "at least equivalent to the Night-time in the mid-monks blow!" magic weapon to resist a spiritual power monster attacks, weird person the moment you have to a conclusion. while controlling blue-eyed zombies facing these spiritual power monster culling side also remove a piece of magic, beheaded with these spiritual power monster. these monsters because both are spiritual force formation ordinary beheaded no effect, regardless chopped off the head of the monster of spiritual power or be divided into two sections, completely does not work. severed body will re-emerge Emmanuel together, only the use of large attack of the law, and instantly break up these spiritual power monster hit into numerous blocks in order to thoroughly culled beheaded a this spiritual power monster, spent the peculiarities long time, and its highest repair To this end, let alone its Yuxiu Shi entire battlefield in addition to the quirks can be beheaded only Huangji real spiritual power monster, the Yu Xiushi

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