Suddenly found its body around like what detained live in general, simply could not move. "Space bound!" Weird person thought of this only drive the material throughout monks can be resorted to supernatural powers, even their own role in the body,cheap oakleys, suddenly anxious hearts, but searching out the all break the law, weird person has not found that one can immediately terminate this space bound. "did not expect in the the extremely dangerous purgatory battlefield decades living over, but today the battle because the secular world and planted. "the thought of this weird person look into revealing a trace of bitterness. suddenly, weird person found around space constraints of many weak perceived trace of life, a strange person to mobilize all the spiritual power of the whole body stature retreat backwards, while at the same time, the front of the blue-eyed zombies issued a command. "Boom!" giant fist strike sudden blue-eyed zombies to block, while waving a Zhe Yiquan furniture began to become chaotic, but also makes the surrounding world of Reiki. "Friends of the Road, with me go!" aside Huangji live to see a giant fist after the blue-eyed zombie boom into the underground, its palm open slowly, brought together the world of Reiki, and ready to made a fist of, flew Road weird person beside him, facing him. bailing! "see the spiritual force monster's speed to keep up with Huangji real and weird person, fake oakleys pinch a law must then saw fake oakleys stature quickly down to the ground on top of it, and in of fake oakleys stature fell to the ground at the same time, that the blue light beam is moved to above ground in the past. "fast start that FIGHTING! saw huge feet and Jubi, even with the blue beam of light moving down, a Royal real shocked to see the emergency of the situation facing the Taiji yelled above the ground. Huangtaiji not the slightest hesitation, stood up and walked into the Denon car, remove Lingshi a teeth one into the groove of the circle being put into it. the quirks and Huangji real two land Denon car, Taiji will last a Lingshi into his groove in the circle in the entire Denon car suddenly light big place,fake oakley sunglasses. seeing this shape, refers to the the fake oakleys hands Zhu Xian sword facing Denon cars a, that Jubi the palm of your hand into a fist yet to fully grip, on the front has cropped up huge Guanghua Denon car bombers wave! "giant fist hit trace that Guanghua big risk Denon car, but still did not succeed to break up, so they sent out." just enter Chuan Songzhen Law should have personal 'giant god' arm 'of attacks send mistakes, has been killed in a "fake oakleys clearly felt the one person because of the location of the station just by giant God's arm the attacks rub to, although just rub to the , but the power of the arm of the Titans, will upset the point region Chuan Songzhen law experienced a few the Chuan Songzhen law of the fake oakleys very understand, this confusion is enough to let the person in that position space storm swallowed up. "Boom!" the giant boxing boom above the ground, suddenly violent shaking of the ground up, and then

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