Let alone beheaded, and even self-protection will not work are not as good in strength and number of the opponent's case, so will the effort, Royal nearly able to Imperial flying monks had killed more than half,cheap oakley sunglasses, to see these Royal monks the elite continue to fall from the sky, a Royal Grand Rapids real face, they continue to do so, the Royal even if the final to win the war, after the war, there is no force can deter major family can. "Boom ! "I did not wait to find ways Huangji real blue beam of light in the giant feet and extending a foot heavy tread in the air space inside the blue mask two shaking shaking see this weird person left hand law decision a move, blue-eyed zombie eyes firelight take a hands furniture, emitting a flame, shattering a few spiritual power monster,fake oakley sunglasses, red giant foot on the TV drama of the past because of this attack rush the few spiritual power monster and was shot into tiny fragments, therefore its flame crushed a few spiritual power monster again gathered up and stopped in to follow the the weird zombie behind blue eyes of the person before. "laugh! a Guanghua these monsters Zhancheng two, the emperor very real front said: "go and stop the monster out Daoyou, I'll help his fellow withstand these monsters." At the moment, blue eyes zombies had flown to emerge in the pale blue light beam double since the two giant's feet, a pair of heavy fist full of flame hit on top of a giant foot exposed. allows rushed over to the weird person shocked, a pair of blue-eyed zombie powerful enough the day the tour late Quanliyiji the fire boxing giant feet, just let the spiritual power of the giant foot collapsibility a little, but in the blink of an eye, it also embodies the spiritual power restored as ever WHACK! "Like arrows shot out, blue-eyed zombies the giant foot counterattack with a kick kicked out, flying out of the blue-eyed zombies" Boom! ", a heavy hit light blue mask on top of this also is not finished, the invocation light blue shade cast prohibition hit above the light blue mask, blue arrows since light blue shade the cast emerge, "Whoosh!" Whoosh! "... shot in the blue-eyed zombie body that defense is extremely tough blue eyes zombie, actually a few blue arrows attack under, spit out a few blue liquid out to see the blue-eyed zombies actually injured, a weird anxious of the National People's Congress, stature toward the blue-eyed zombie escape past the weird and the people to resist the monks in these spiritual power monster the attack, Defeat faster to see the spiritual power monster kill almost all the monks gradually to the formation of encirclement, siege live their own, Wong very real hearts surprised, hastened to the stature of a move and go around weird person by go blue beam of light emitted giant roar clearer, its one arm exposed. see this arm has revealed, standing in a light blue mask fake oakleys Zhu Xian sword in front of the hands of peculiarities one finger. beam of light that communicates with a light blue mask suddenly rapid move to the peculiarities, at this time, the light beam exposed a huge bird arm the condensate fist and grip, a fast Si Shandian facing weird of those who have shelled looked huge fist hit, the weird spiritual power of the human body a move, wanted to dodge away, but he went to

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