Forward to fight! Some contrived the man slightly flat grievances, but also not to give him a good face, coldly: around advised: male light, six hands, stared at his glances, suddenly exclaimed: Suddenly hit a Jiling, Wang Pang Tong to look at the past, Pang Tong is bitterly sat down, his face full of Bunai!
This is what the wind blowing today? See also significantly Zhao said, Zende actually Wolong Phoenix young That all? Six hands trembling, looked up to see sitting on the side past the wind, past the wind rushed him to Tan Tanshou also the look of a smile.
The Pang Tong the look slightly Ji, barely Tai Taishou: Remark one, everyone is surprised a moment, six hands,buy cheap jerseys, but immediately happy and said: rice wine is a must literally not drunk, drink to drink, but unfortunately the body as purse tissue,north face shoes men, six-seven thousand cavalry, but also money and grain to raise them ... think of the sad, heavy sigh, Dayton time bothering to do all my heart and head as big as a bucket.
Pang Tong looking to see slow, nodded and said: , until Pangde Gong, including past the wind, even six hand full regarded FY stand in the forefront of the figures, but asked to drink to gamble these things, really unheard of in such a scene opening, no wonder together eclipsed !
Only six hands, smiling Bulong mouth, proudly said: we had dinner on the start? Pang Tong finally smiles: original Tutor was emotional, previously offended the Department, also please Tutor No wonder, then life without gambling, is actually uninteresting, Tutor If you do not care about, we empty-handed gambling also an interesting ! Ho from Liu Bei eyebrows have been slightly wrinkled, if not even playing Eye Kongming afraid really necessary to huff.
Six hand happy and said: Pang Tong stare and said: 

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